Welcome to the Engaging with Protein Project

Engaging with Proteins is both a research and communal art project. It is supported and funded by the Public Engagement with Research Unit at the University of Southampton and unit11studios.

The project involves the creation of a large communal piece of artwork, made up of small individual panels, which will explain how proteins play many roles in our bodies, are targeted by drugs and associated with disease.

The individual panels will be created and decorated by the scientist/artist Halina Bainbridge alongside scientists and the local community during various engagement events over the next few months. These events will be announced here.

The creation and evolutionary journey can be followed via this blog.  The artwork will be exhibited at Harbour Lights Picture House from 2. December until 31 December 2017.

This panel depicts the immune system.


The immune system is a system of biological structures that protects us against disease. It has to distinguish between its own healthy cells and a wide variety of harmful substances (round circles) ranging from viruses and bacteria to parasites. On the molecular level, the immune system works through the interaction of many proteins with specialised functions that are produced or carried by cells in our body. For example, white blood cells (blue) identify and eliminate harmful substances via antibodies (yellow and orange).